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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dr. Phil Lists Beverly Hills House

Dr. Phil Lists Beverly Hills House

Enjoy your morning coffee while virtually touring our celebrity home of the day. Today: Dr. Phil's 90210 house.
Our favorite (and Oprah's favorite) therapist Dr. Phil has his house of the market. While this listing might not be new, the price reduction is. This 8-bed, 7-bath was just reduced from $16.4 million, a price that left us asking "does the house come with Dr. Phil?"

Now that the listing is down to a still-staggering at $13.8 million we wanted to see what this Beverly Hills, California home had to offer. Thanks to our friends at, we can walk right in. Come along, won't you?

Welcome to Dr. Phil's home. But wait, not so fast. Take a second to admire the dark brown gate juxtaposed with flowing greenery and bright flowers.

At first glance, this villa-style home looks more like a Mediterranean paradise rather than a California home. The clay roof, lush landscaping and do you see that carpet of a lawn!? The home has character, in a good way. A very good way.

Ahh, our favorite kind of therapy -- relaxing in the sun. Set off a ways from the house, this pool and jacuzzi is a getaway within a getaway. The gardens flanking the walk add colorful flowers to the green backdrop.

That's a pretty big driveway, which makes us wonder...what's parked in those five garage spaces?

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