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Monday, July 11, 2011

Real Housewife Sonja Morgan to Lose Her $6 Million New York City

Real Housewife Sonja Morgan to Lose Her $6 Million New York City  

Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan can't exactly qualify as a housewife if she doesn't have a husband or a house.

The bankrupt reality vixen, who is locked in a bitter court battle with her 80-year-old ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, over a $3 million divorce settlement, may be forced to sell off her gorgeous $6 million New York City townhouse in order to gain some cash, a source tells E! News.
So when will Morgan sell the place?

Seems it's going to be sooner rather than later for Morgan.

The reality star, who is currently in court fighting for more money in the $3 million settlement she got from her ex, lost most of her money in a bad movie investment and may have to unload the house immediately if she gets no more money from Adams Morgan, the great grandson of financier J.P. Morgan.

He is fighting against handing over any more money to his ex because he claims he was forced to pay more than was listed in his prenup.

"Sonja is devastated, she's considering the house gone already," says our source. "She wants to sell it back to her ex husband, so she can make that money off it and her daughter can live there, but he's refusing. She wants to keep it for her daughter, but it seems she'll have to sell it and lose it altogether. She needs the money because he's not giving her a cent more and she's now more than $7 million in the hole. She's in denial, it's only just started to hit her how much trouble she's in. She makes $275,000 a year on Housewives, which would be good for anyone else but it won't save her."
Morgan, who showed off her beautiful home on RHNY, filed for Chapter 11 last November in Manhattan, and listed herself as being nearly $20 million in the hole.

The self-titled "socialite" blamed her money woes on a failed venture between her production company, Sonja Productions and another company, Hannibal Pictures, Inc., saying they destroyed her financially after a John Travolta project never got off the ground.

Hannibal Pics filed suit against Morgan and won a $7 million judgment. She has filed an appeal.

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