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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hollywood Director's House Beverly Hills House For Sale

"Up in the Air" Director's House For Sale

The front of this house looks a bit Brady Bunch, especially with the open garage overhang. But hey, it was built in the 1960s. And we kind of dig the vibe. 

The living room is spacious and has a lovely view of the pool area. The slanted ceiling gives this room -- and others in this house -- a unique shape. A bit of style advice to new buyers: You might want to do something with that dark paneled wall.

The kitchen stays super sleek, even with all the warm wood. Stainless steel appliances confirm a post-60s renovation, but the dark cabinetry leave us a bit unsure. Either way, the layout and size of this kitchen is perfect for cooking. And the long window let's a ton of natural light spill in.

The open kitchen/dining area is a cool feature of this first floor. A granite counter divides the two spaces, leaving plenty of room to socialize with guests while preparing dinner and creating a breakfast area. The wall of windows provides light and a view of the pool.

The windows and track curtain reminds us a bit of a hotel. But the view of the backyard definitely feels more home-y...and more luxurious. 

This bathroom looks straight out of a resort. The sleek wooden vanity and wall-mounted faucets create a modern, spa-like bathroom. And don't think we didn't notice the huge glass shower! This is surely our favorite room on this house.

The landscaping and fence makes this backyard super secluded. There's plenty of sunny space to tan, and the huge pool looks great for parties!

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  1. The director of Juno, Up in the Air and Thank You for Smoking? favorite movies!!! what a gorgeous property! I like its huge pool, kitchen/dining area and living room. so, the home is on the market for $1.595 million. great deal! I've heard that the real estate agent michaellibow is helping Jason Reitman to find a buyer. I would buy it if I had a lot of money.