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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Real Estate Tips From A Local Realtor

Real Estate Tips From A Local Realtor

Sherborn realtor Kyle Mann gives you tips on what to do before putting your home on the market, offers five steps to take before making an offer on a home, discusses how technology has transformed the world of real estate.

Home Seller Tips: Top Five Things to do Before Putting your Home on the Market
Create intimate outdoor spaces. Take advantage of the spring weather to create an inviting outdoor “room”. It’s a great way to show off your yard as a terrific place to unwind.
Catch buyers at the curb. A few well chosen plantings can help highlight the architectural details of your home and make buyers want to see more.
Emphasize relaxation. Home buyers want to envision their home as a place to escape the hustle and bustle. Even little touches like comfy throw pillows and plush bedding set a soothing tone. 
Check your interior and exterior lighting.The right lighting can make a home feel warm and inviting.
Think about the finishing touches. In recent years some home builders eschewed the finer details in favor of building larger spaces. Adding a few details such as crown molding or classic window shutters can make the home more appealing.

Home Buyer Tip: Top Five Steps to Take Before Making an Offer
You’ve been searching for a new home for months and you’ve finally found a place that’s right for you. That’s great! But before you make an offer, here are five things you’ll want to check out.
 Get a copy of the plot plan. This way you’ll know where the lot lines are and if there are any easements on the property.
 Ask for a copy of the seller’s disclosure. Many home sellers will complete a disclosure form documenting the age of major items in the home, such as the roof and furnace, as well as any known issues, such as pest or water damage.
 What’s the seller’s preferred closing date? This is helpful to know before you present an offer. For example, if the homeowner prefers to not close until their children finish the school year, they may be more receptive to your offer if you can accommodate this timing.
 What are comparable homes selling for? Have your buyer’s agent provide you with data on recently sold homes that are comparable in size, style, age, and amenities.
 Find out about homeowner’s association. If there’s a homeowner’s association, what are their fees, what do the fees cover, and are there any rules you’ll need to abide by if you live there?

Transforming real estate marketing
Long the realm of “old school” marketing, the real estate industry is finally breaking free of outmoded marketing techniques. Increased globalization, along with demands from tech savvy home buyers, are sparking many in the industry to shift the way they market homes. If you’re considering selling your home, here are five intriguing marketing trends to keep an eye on.
Targeted marketing campaigns. Marketers have a wealth of demographic data to develop more targeted, and much more effective, marketing campaigns. And to attract home buyers from around the world.
Mobile marketing. 72 million U.S. consumers access the web from their mobile devices, according to the Nielsen Company. Affluent consumers are using their mobile devices to form relationships with people, companies, and brands. To appeal to home buyers across the generations, realtors need to create integrated campaigns that encompass mobile marketing.
Event marketing. Hosting a special event at a home for sale provides a way to show off the entertaining space, and give potential buyers a way to view the home in a more relaxed setting. For example, a Holiday Shopping Soiree & Fashion Show Fundraiser recently held at an Italianate Victorian home for sale drew more than 200 guests—and a qualified buyer.
Lifestyle marketing. Based on the premise that people buy lifestyles, not products, this technique is designed to project an irresistible lifestyle. Instead of merely photographing a high-end kitchen, for example, lifestyle marketers might produce real estate videos with captivating models or witty dialog. The goal is to make the home more memorable.
Online video. Video has become a great medium for capturing a home buyer’s imagination. Forrester Research reports that video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results, meaning that homes marketed with video are more likely to be found by potential buyers.
You’ve already cleared away clutter and given your home a fresh coat of paint. So what else needs to be done before you put your home on the market? Here are five quick tips for making your home stand out from the crowd.

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